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Temptations - Editor 

This is a music video edit that I created titled Temptations. I created the music video using archival footage I found online and a free to use song. The idea behind the music video was to use vintage PSAs and commercials to create a surreal experience that explores how taboo subjects are both demonized and glorified in American media. 

Stop Driving us Crazy - Editor

This is a music video edit I created titled Stop Driving us Crazy. Similar to the Temptations music video, I created this video by collecting archival footage and editing the clips to a free to use song. The video is meant to depict a growing sense of paranoia and delusion inside an individual's mind. 

Psycho Trailer - Editor

This is a trailer I created for Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 film Psycho. Psycho is one of my favorite films so I very much enjoyed putting this trailer together. 

GameCube Commercial - Editor 

I created this Gamecube commercial by splicing together various gamecube advertisements from the early 2000s over a free to use hip hop instrumental. 

The Stove Top (Ep. #35) - Producer/Editor

The Stove Top is a sports podcast hosted by UCM student Noah Lampson. The Stove Top covers a variety of sports and sports related topics each week. In this week's episode Noah and guests cover the most recent noteworthy trades in the NFL, their predictions for the playoffs, and some of the noteworthy college talent eligible for the draft next year, among other interesting topics.  

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