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Academic Writing

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This is an essay I wrote for my History of International film class where I explored how accomplished Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman depicts the themes of religion and faith in his films.

Ingmar Bergman was an accomplished Swedish filmmaker and screenwriter who directed notable films such as The Seventh Seal, Persona and Wild Strawberries. The themes of religion and faith are common throughout many of his most notable films. Growing up as the son of a Swedish minister, faith was an essential part of his upbringing. Many of his films include autobiographical elements including his rocky relationship with his father as a result of his detachment from his faith. 

Full PDF download - 70 KB

Creative Writing

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This is an excerpt from a 40-page screenplay I wrote. The screenplay follows Paul Goodman, a successful comedian who is struggling with depression and addiction following his retirement. The screenplay opens with him attempting and failing to commit suicide. Following his suicide attempt he goes to a local bar where he meets Stella, a young journalist that he strikes up an unlikely relationship with. 

Full PDF download - 65KB

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